Prague, Recent Operas.

I’ve been doing so much lately that I haven’t really thought about posting on here. I really should be writing more. Last weekend, I went to Prague, which was really great. The city was beautiful, and the sights were amazing. That being said, the people there were extremely rude to me. I feel like just because I’m an American, I was treated horribly. I guess thats how it works over there. Anyways, it was a wonderful trip, and I have lots of great pictures. I can’t put them on here right now, because I’m using Kamal’s computer (the internet isn’t working on my Apple right now).

In Prague, I had the pleasure of being able to visit the Prague State Opera to see a production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute. I really thought it was great. The set production was super, the directing was great, most of the singers were spot-on. The Queen of the Night completely nailed her aria, as did Papageno and Tamino. The guy who played Sarastro wasn’t too great, I didn’t think. However, my opera pallate isn’t as refined as my orchestral pallate, so maybe he was really great and I just didn’t know it.

I’ve seen quite a few great operas in Vienna since I posted last. I saw Die Walkure, which really blew my mind. I would have to say that it’s my favorite opera to date. After seeing it, I watched Das Rheingold and Siegfried on DVD, and plan to complete the cycle in a day or two with Götterdämmerung. Also, while on my Wagner kick, I went to the Staatsoper to see Parsifal, which was pretty unbelievable. The production wasn’t my favorite, it was pretty post-modern at parts. I saw a performance on DVD once where the production was fairly traditional, which I usually prefer. The music in Parsifal, however, is some of the best music ever written. I’ve been listening to the Act I Prelude for the past few days, trying to memorize some of the leitmotifs. Great stuff.
I’ve also seen a few other great productions at the Staatsoper recently. Earlier this week, I saw La Boheme which starred Anna Netrebko and was directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Clearly, it was wonderful. I saw The Elixir of Love, which wasn’t my favorite. I saw La Traviata at the Volksoper, which is a wonderful opera, but I didn’t care for the production. I had a lot of problems with it, but I can’t write too much more because I have to get back in the practice room.
I’ll be on here again soon. Cheers.

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