Live from Vienna.

I made it to Vienna without a scratch. Some of my planes were delayed, and it was a long journey, but I arrived this morning and have been having a great time so far.

When the plane landed, there was a driver waiting to pick up the two of us that were on the flight from Frankfurt. We drove to the dorm, and were shown to our respective quarters. My roommate is a really cool guy from Azerbaijan, which is near Russia. He has been going to this Webster campus for a few years, and will be graduating soon. He plays a lot of video games and likes computers, so we will get along pretty well. There are far worse living arrangements than having a roommate who wants to share a beer with you while he shoots Nazis on a computer screen.

I met up with Sarah and our other two friends that we know, and we walked around town. We didn’t go downtown, but we did explore the neighborhood quite a bit. If there are any times in the next 8 weeks where I need to get a kebab, a falafel, or go marketing, I will not have a problem- there are places for all three of those on literally every corner.

For lunch, we went to a small market near the dorms, and picked up some fresh bread, cheese, and Austrian beer. It really was a tasty feast; the fresh bread was amazing. The cheese and beer were both fair. The company was good.

Then, we explored more of the city. We walked for a very long time, and found some more markets, and more stores. There is definitely a lot to see here, and we’re only in the suburbs. Between the three airports and all the walking today, my feet are definitely sore.

This evening, Sarah and I ate dinner at one of the falafel stands. I have to say, with my considerable experience in the field, that it was the best falafel that I’ve ever had. It was also only €2,50, which is about $3.40 US. You really can’t beat that.

I began writing this email yesterday before I went to bed, but now it’s 5 a.m. and theres an orientation at 9 a.m., which is really crazy considering that everyone probably has jet lag. I had wanted to sleep until 8, which should have been easy because I went to bed at 11, but I guess jet lag has gotten the best of me… plus the fact that my roommate snores unbelievably loud. If it prevents me from sleep later in the week, I may try to see if I can find a vacant room here.

After the orientation, Sarah and I are going to go to the city center, which I hear is a pretty cool place. I don’t know if it’s downtown or not.

If you’re even still reading this, I have a bit more information. I got my address today, which is:

Adam Rothbarth
Donaufelderstrasse 54/Room 3225
A-1210  Vienna

Anyways, I’m gonna try to go lay down for a while before this meeting. My email account hasn’t been working that well, so I tried to use my GMail account, but they froze it… I guess because I’m out of the country. I sent them an email, so if they are able to turn it back on, and my Webster account is still having problems, I may start emailing from GMail. We will see what happens.



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