Papers, Adams, Piazzolla Video.

I’m in a pretty exciting way lately- pretty much all I do is drink coffee and do research. Between my Brahms thesis paper, my Concord Sonata term paper, and my 20th century essays, I’ve been completely overwhelmed. I’m really happy that I’m in a field where I enjoy putting in the hours to get the work done.

Unfortunately, the more writing I do for school, the less writing I do on the internet. I have been slacking on both of my blogs lately. Surprisingly, though, I have had some time to watch movies. I saw Up In The Air with George Clooney, which I liked a lot. I also saw The Road, which was not as good as the book. Other than that, I’ve been staying in a lot and getting work done.

I’ve been listening to Short Ride in a Fast Machine. I really think John Adams is one of the most fascinating composers of the past 25 years, and definitely one of the best. Nixon in China is probably my favorite opera (don’t tell Kelly). I read his autobiography last year, Hallelujah Junction, and it’s a pretty interesting book. I recommend it to anyone interested in his life or work. In the future, I’d like to write a paper about one of his pieces. In my mind, I get his history mixed up somewhat with Charles Ives, because both of them have such strong ties to New England.

I gotta go work on my papers and study, but enjoy this video that I’ve been watching. It’s pretty incredible.


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