Ravel, Bartok.

Well, I guess it’s time for a new post. School started yesterday. I’ve certainly been listening to and reading a lot.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Ravel’s solo piano, especially ‘Miroirs’. Pretty amazing stuff. ‘La vallée des cloches’ is one of my favorite pieces. The clocks/bells imageries in that piece are very cool, I’d like to see the score. I also listened to both operas, ‘L’heure Espagnol’ and ‘L’enfant et les soreileges’, both of which were great. Both operas had wonderful librettos, and his usage of different styles within each are very neat. I’m thinking about writing a paper on ‘L’enfant’ for my 20th Century class about the different styles he uses for each piece of furniture/animal/object in the opera.

I just listened to Bartok’s ‘Concerto for Orchestra’ with the full score. It’s such an incredible piece, each time I hear it, it blows my mind. Not as good as ‘Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta’ though. I should have more to say- I’ve been thinking about making this post for the past few days. Now that my mind is working at full speed, I’ll have more to write about in the next few days.

PS. The first concert at the SLSO this year is Mahler 5, and I already got a ticket!


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