A Pulitzer for Steve Reich.

I’ve sort of been waiting for a major event to occur in the world of classical music during the time I’ve been studying it in school, and that event has finally happened: Steve Reich won a Pulitzer Prize yesterday for his 2008 work ‘Double Sextet’. I listened to part of a rehearsal of the piece on YouTube, but there doesn’t appear to be a recording as of now. It sounded very cool- almost like a condensed sextet version of ‘Music for 18 Musicians’. I’m sure with all the publicity that comes with winning a major award, a worthwhile CD will be released of the piece. I doubt I’m the only person that’s excited to hear it.

Something else exciting is that I just ordered a copy of John Cage’s Silence, and I’m looking forward to reading it as soon as finals are over. 

I might add more to this post later on, but right now I have to change and get to the Cardinals game.


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